About Me

In a Nutshell

I grew up in a small town in the heart of the good ol' America's Dairyland - Wisconsin. And no, I do not own a pet cow (but I wish I did, believe me).

I was pretty much doomed to be in the arts of some kind thanks to my mother. She brought me along to my first theatre production at three, a community production of "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying," and that was it. I remember treating the performers like the biggest celebrities I'd ever known - gushing my praise after the show and getting them to sign my playbills...even if they were just high schoolers putting on their annual musical. This also went for the musicians in the pit, as my mother is and was a professional musician and instilled music in my soul from the earliest moment possible. Too bad I chose to play the saxophone. 

I attended Adelphi University in New York where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors with a Theatre BFA in 2015. Whilst there I created a thesis entitled "I'm Just Talking to Hear the Sound of My Own Voices" - a multi-media project that discussed the past, "presence", and future of voice-over in animation. During my college years, I was also able to study abroad at the incredible London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (or LAMDA for short). While my university studies were of course enlightening, I still believe at least half of my theatre education came from the 100+ shows I saw in my 4 years. 

After graduation, I decided to head back to the midwest and rediscover my roots. I spent time in Madison and Chicago where I was able to study improv and Shakespeare, perform in original sketch and pantomime comedy, and dive headfirst into voice-acting projects (even including some radio). After my time in Chi-town, I hopped a plane across the Pacific for a year in Kanazawa, Japan - one of the most gorgeous cities on earth to me. However, it is also the rainiest city in the country so I decided to go to one of the driest on the planet - Los Angeles. 

Since arriving in LA nearly 10 months ago, I've been trying (as have most of our population) to survive this pandemic with my sanity. I've continued to voice act and also started a job with the UGC powerhouse Jukin Media. I'm so very excited to see what LA has in-store for me (and if this no real winter thing will suit my icy soul). 

Voice Work


  • "The Vagina Melodies" - Bed/Marius/Dancer/Arranger | Corn Productions (2018) [Original]
  • "Macbeth" - Lennox | dir. Francisco Torres (2016)
  • "An Evening's Affair" - Murderer/Gertrude/Cordelia | dir. Greg Hudson (2016)
  • "GADZOOKS! Cinderella" - The Prince | dir. Stephen Murray (2015) [Bartell Award Nom.]
  • "Bunny, Bunny" - Gilda | dir. Melissa Marengo (2013)
  • "Twelfth Night" - Olivia | dir. Phil Ormrod | LAMDA (2013)
  • "The Melancholy Play" - Frances | dir. Mirirai Sithole (2012)